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Beverly. 20. Texas. ❤



James Dean




A$AP Rocky & Chanel Iman for Vogue September 2014

proud of this mane.. step outside the box. 

This is beautiful got damn

Some one do this with me

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"Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress."


Like not once did she say “I want a prince to come and rescue me from my situation.”

She just wanted to look cute and turn the fuck up at the party.

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"The thing with Maritza, I honestly feel like she’s just very much a part of me and I can get into her really quickly especially when you put that uniform on and you’re on set with all these girls who are in prison. I think your imagination gets you there really quickly. I actually get sad! There’s this feeling of being trapped that comes over you. With this job you have to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. That’s how I prepare, I just put myself in someone else’s shoes."

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Hair at Dolce & Gabbana SS 14

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can’t wait to own dogs with u

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beetroots / april 2014 

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Anonymous asked: so are you cute in real life

Hell nahhh.

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